A slip, trip, or fall injury should be covered by the California workers’ compensation system if the accident occurred while a worker was on the job. In addition, the worker must have been performing a job-related function at the time of the accident that caused his/her injury. If the slip and fall injury occurred while outside the scope of employment, workers’ compensation will not generally cover it.

If you sustained an injury while you were at work, in addition to seeking proper medical treatment, you should timely retain a skilled OC workers’ compensation attorney to look into your legal matter and handle it from beginning to end. Your attorney can determine if you are eligible to file a claim arising from your workplace slip, trip, and fall accident.

If you are eligible to file a claim, your lawyer can assist you with every step of the process. Moreover, if the California Division of Workers’ Compensation sets one or more hearings in your case, your lawyer will be able to represent you at those hearings and advocate for your legal interests there.

Jobs Where There are Slip and Fall Hazards

Several types of jobs make workers especially prone to slip, trip, and fall accidents. These types of accidents are common among builders and construction workers. Workers who are employed in these industries often must maneuver around heavy and dangerous equipment and work from slippery surfaces, including ladders, scaffolding, and machinery. Oil and other liquids can also spill onto the ground, creating numerous slip, trip, and fall hazards on the workplace premises or construction site.

However, not all slip and fall accidents occur on building and construction sites. These accidents can also happen in an office setting, such as where a spill on a cafeteria floor causes a worker to trip unexpectedly. Slip/trip and fall accidents could also occur outdoors on the workplace premises. Common slip and fall accident injuries include traumatic head injuries, broken bones, and soft tissue contusions.

What to do after a Slip/Trip and Fall Workplace Accident

Employees who slip/trip or fall while they are on the job should first notify their employer immediately. Most employers have a human resources department or point-of-contact person to approach when an accident occurs on a job site. In addition to reporting their injuries, the worker should seek prompt medical treatment right away. When a worker does not treat immediately for slip and fall injuries, relatively minor injuries can develop into bigger problems that require additional treatment down the line.

Finally, slip and fall workplace accident victims should seek legal counsel as soon as possible for their case. A knowledgeable California workers’ compensation attorney can determine your eligibility for benefits and file a timely claim in the system. Your attorney will zealously advocate for your rights to recover compensation for your slip and fall accident injuries. Those benefits may include payment of your medical bills, along with lost wage compensation and permanency benefits.