Worker’s compensation benefits are available to California employees who are performing a job duty and suffer an injury. Workers could then file a claim seeking several types of benefits through the state workers’ compensation system. Those benefits are ordinarily nontaxable at both the state and the federal levels. Therefore, if you receive any type of workers’ compensation benefits as part of your case, you will not need to pay income tax on those benefits.

One of the most important steps you should take after a workplace accident is to seek legal counsel to represent you throughout your case. An OC workers’ compensation lawyer could bring a claim on your behalf, file it in a timely manner, and pursue the monetary benefits that you need. Your attorney can also represent you at all hearings in your case and zealously advocate for your legal interests there.

Types of Workers’ Comp Benefits that are Available to You

If you meet all the eligibility requirements for filing a California workers’ compensation claim, you could receive several types of benefits. First, you could get benefits that represent a portion of your lost wages. You could also seek benefits for all the related medical treatment that you incurred following the workplace accident.

If you suffered a permanent injury in the accident, as determined by a qualified medical provider, you might be eligible for permanency damages. Likewise, if you are unable to work at your current job because of injuries you suffered, you could seek vocational rehabilitation benefits through the workers’ compensation system.

The types of benefits you’re eligible to recover will depend upon the severity of your injuries, as well as the cost of your medical treatment. Your attorney can help you file a claim that gets you benefits for your workplace injuries and makes you whole following your accident.

Filing a Workers’ Compensation Benefits Claim in California

The first step to recovering your tax-free benefits is to file a claim through the state workers’ compensation system. Your attorney can help you do that. Moreover, if a dispute arises at some point during the case, your lawyer can file issues and can attend a hearing on the matter. Your lawyer will be able to represent you at the hearing and advocate for your legal interests there. For example, at a permanency hearing, your attorney can use your testimony – as well as your permanency evaluation – to demonstrate that you suffered permanent injuries in your workplace accident and that you are entitled to receive compensation for those injuries. Finally, if you receive a benefits claim denial, your attorney could appeal that claim denial in the court system.

A qualified workers’ compensation lawyer in California can guide you through the entire claims filing process and can help you make good decisions throughout your case. Moreover, your lawyer will be by your side at all hearings and will zealously advocate for your right to recover compensation for your workplace injury or illness.