Importance of a Change in Condition in a CA Workers’ Comp Claim

Workers who suffer an injury or illness while they are on the job and while they are completing a job duty may be entitled to pursue and recover various forms of workers’ compensation benefits. Eligible workers could pursue benefits for medical expenses, loss of earnings, and in some instances, permanency. Even after permanency benefits are awarded, an injured worker might be eligible to reopen his or her case based upon a worsening or change of condition. If you have been injured while you were on the job or while working within the scope of your employment, it is important that

November 30th, 2021|

Steps to Take When Filing a Workers’ Comp Claim

If you have been injured in the course of your employment, regardless of who or what caused the accident, you might be eligible to file a workers’ compensation claim for benefits in the State of California. However, there are certain steps that you should always follow when it comes time to file a workers’ comp claim. One of the most important things that you should do if you have been injured while you were on the job is to retain an experienced OC workers’ compensation attorney to represent you in your case. Your attorney will be able to assist you

November 24th, 2021|

What is a Workers’ Compensation Permanent Disability Percentage?

Being injured on the job is something that can put a wrench in a great many areas of life, grinding things to a halt until your compensation is worked out. The process of getting your workers’ compensation payments and related benefits started does not begin automatically but is something that you must get moving after your work-related injury or illness. A workers’ compensation claim process will follow, during which the insurance company will expect communications and responses from you, similar to any other type of insurance claim. This can be challenging, especially when you are already dealing with a life-changing

November 17th, 2021|

When Can the Insurance Company Stop Your CA Workers’ Comp Check?

Employees who sustain an injury in an accident that occurs while on the job and during the course of appointment are eligible to recover workers’ compensation benefits. These benefits can be used to compensate injured workers not only for a portion of their lost wages, but also for their medical expenses and for permanency in the event they suffer a disabling injury/illness in their workplace accident. However, in certain circumstances, an employer’s insurer may be able to cut off benefits. If you have suffered an illness or injury while you were working at your job and during your employment, one

November 10th, 2021|

Four Myths about Workers’ Comp in California

People who suffer injuries while they are on the job and working within the scope of their employment in California might be able to make a claim for workers’ compensation benefits. However, there are many myths surrounding these benefits and the types and amounts that accident victims can recover. If you have been injured on the job while performing a job duty, you should speak with a knowledgeable Orange County workers’ compensation attorney as soon as possible to learn your rights. Your attorney will be able to determine if you are eligible to make a claim for benefits and if

November 2nd, 2021|

Workers’ Compensation: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a crippling and debilitating condition that can keep people from functioning normally. This includes being able to get up and go to work every day and perform their job. Depending on the circumstances, they may be able to qualify for workers’ compensation that could cover their lost wages and the cost of their treatment. Requirements for a PTSD Workers’ Compensation Claims California law allows for workers’ compensation for PTSD subject to the following: PTSD has been diagnosed by a medical professional, and it requires medical treatment The employee has been on the job for six

October 30th, 2021|


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