Is My California Workers’ Comp Taxable?

Worker’s compensation benefits are available to California employees who are performing a job duty and suffer an injury. Workers could then file a claim seeking several types of benefits through the state workers’ compensation system. Those benefits are ordinarily nontaxable at both the state and the federal levels. Therefore, if you receive any type of workers’ compensation benefits as part of your case, you will not need to pay income tax on those benefits. One of the most important steps you should take after a workplace accident is to seek legal counsel to represent you throughout your case. An OC

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Vocational Rehabilitation in a California Workers’ Comp Claim

Vocational rehabilitation benefits are one of the benefit types that is available to injured workers who are injured in a workplace accident. These potential benefits may be awarded in addition to payment of related medical expenses, lost earnings, and permanency benefits. The primary goal of vocational rehabilitation is to get a worker back into the workforce after suffering a serious, debilitating, and often permanent injury that prevents him/her from being able to work in the same career or line of work. An injury is considered permanent when a worker reaches a level of maximum medical improvement (the condition is not

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When a Slip, Trip, or Fall is Covered by Workers’ Comp in California

A slip, trip, or fall injury should be covered by the California workers’ compensation system if the accident occurred while a worker was on the job. In addition, the worker must have been performing a job-related function at the time of the accident that caused his/her injury. If the slip and fall injury occurred while outside the scope of employment, workers’ compensation will not generally cover it. If you sustained an injury while you were at work, in addition to seeking proper medical treatment, you should timely retain a skilled OC workers’ compensation attorney to look into your legal matter

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Why was My Workers’ Comp Claim Denied?

Workers who suffer an injury or illness while they are on the job and performing a job duty can file a workers’ compensation claim to recover various benefits. However, under certain circumstances, the California Division of Workers’ Compensation may deny a worker’s claim for benefits. There are several reasons why this might happen. One of the most common reasons why the Division of Workers’ Compensation denies a claim for benefits is that the injured worker is an independent contractor rather than an employee. At other times, the injured worker might not have suffered his or her injury while performing a

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Can You Recover if You are at Fault in Your Workers’ Comp Claim?

Employees who suffer an injury while they are performing a job duty can be eligible to recover benefits through the California workers’ compensation system. These benefits are typically awarded without regard to fault. Therefore, work injury victims can recover compensation and benefits regardless of how the workplace accident occurred or who caused it. If you have suffered an illness or injury while at your workplace, you might be able to file a claim for benefits. A knowledgeable OC workers’ compensation lawyer in your area can review the circumstances of your workplace accident with you and determine if you are eligible

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